By Emily Rasmussen

The Fiesta Association—the San Juan Capistrano-based volunteer organization that hosts the annual Swallows Day Parade, events leading up to the parade and participates in other community happenings—rearranged its board of directors at its annual election on Wednesday, May 9.

Of the board’s 13 seats, nine of them were up for election and the other four were secured in an ongoing term (Leanna Bradshaw, Polita Hart, Virgy McBride and Deborah Spellum). There were 14 candidates to fill the nine open seats, with six incumbents running for reelection and eight non-incumbent members (some who were former board members) running to fill the seats.

Of 67 ballots cast, the election results read that Helen Gardner, Juana Laur and Jim Taylor were reelected; and new members to the board included Michelle Erca, Dave Euzarraga, Jimmy Ferguson, Jonathan Jenkins, Sydney Thibedean and Donny Whitlock.

There was a three-way runoff for one of the positions to be filled, between incumbent Irma Goerner, incumbent Steve Ehlers and newcomer Thibedean. Thibedean prevailed in a second vote, in which 47 ballots were cast.

The Fiesta Association board 2018-2019 positions are: Taylor to carry on as president; Hart as 1st vice president; Erca as 2nd vice president; Laur as treasurer; and Gardner to carry on as secretary.

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