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Original, vetted, local journalism has never been more important as trust in mainstream media has been eroded through partisan politics.
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From our award-winning coverage on local elections and government, youth and high school sports, events and entertainment to our local columnists and special sections such as the annual reader-supported “Best of San Juan Capistrano” Awards recognizing our amazing local businesses, The Capistrano Dispatch delivers readers unbiased, professionally reported original journalism like no other media organization.

On the heels of the increasingly politicized regional and national media landscape, it’s more important than ever for you to invest in our communities through your support of the hyper-local, unbiased (we do not endorse political candidates) and original journalism at Picket Fence Media. We need you, our readers and supporters of independent, local journalism, to actively support us through subscription “Insider” monthly or annual memberships so that we can continue to deliver on our promise and invest in our reporters and newsroom.

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The Picket Fence Media team shows off their new hardware, a first-place General Excellence recognition from the California News Publisher’s Association. Photo: CNPA