Carol Brinkman, San Juan Capistrano

Dear Assemblyman William Brough,

As a parent, I am sure we can agree that when we tell our son or daughter that curfew is midnight, we must be prepared to enforce that rule, or the rule becomes meaningless and your child has no incentive to obey. It is the same with the Mobilehome Residency Laws (MRL). If there is no consequence for disregarding the law, the rules become meaningless and ineffective.

That’s why I wonder how you could justify your “no” vote on AB 1269, the “Mobilehome Residents and Senior Protection Act?” This bill provides a dispute resolution and enforcement program within the Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) to resolve disputes related to the MRL (the written rules that regulate the relationship between landlords and homeowners in a mobile home park). DFEH already has procedures to investigate and resolve disputes by mediation, negotiation or civil court action, and this bill simply expands their oversight to include mobile home parks. The fiscal impact is neutral since any additional cost is paid for by fines imposed for violations and an annual $5 per mobile home fee that the residents of the park pay. AB 1269 makes no changes to the substance of existing laws nor does it diminish property owner’s rights. It simply provides a process to resolve disputes within the MRL between owners and residents. Homeowners’ only recourse now is civil court, an expensive process that few residents can afford.

In just the small city of San Juan Capistrano where I live, there are nine mobile home parks with 1,213 homes housing approximately 2,000 residents—that’s 2,000 voters. I am surprised and disappointed that you ignored hundreds of those voters who took time to call your office asking you to vote yes on the bill. I doubt you got even one call soliciting a no vote. But rather than listen to the needs of your constituents, you decided to vote the party line without consideration for the people you represent. It is something that you will have to answer for during the next election. Two thousand people in your constituency have a very loud voice: we walk precincts, make phone calls and we vote! I ask that you listen to us.

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