Ron Bacon, San Juan Capistrano

In response to the Guest Opinion by Jim Kempton published in the May 26-June 8 edition of The Capistrano Dispatch:

For Mr. Kempton to argue that there is no reputable disagreement with the conclusions of 97 percent of climate scientists is a canard in both substance and approach. Science is often advanced when one person, with contrary evidence, refuses to buckle under the pressure of the majority. Also, the 97 percent figure is false and intended to mislead. When precisely did 97 percent of scientists vote on this issue? And, even if they did some kind of voting, their views are by definition not representative, as they were never elected and so do not represent anyone other than themselves.

The three important questions in this debate are: First, is the climate changing or are we simply seeing natural variation that is common to all living and dynamic systems? Second, if so, do humans have a hand in this change? If humans are primarily to blame for the change in climate, how much of the change do they account for? Are proposals, such as the Paris climate accord, projected to make any substantive changes to the contribution that humans may be making on the change in climate? (By the way, the answer is no, the Paris climate accord will only hamper the industrial and business progress of developed nations and will have virtually no impact on the alleged man-made climate changes despite billions of dollars expended). And finally, if the climate is changing and humans have a significant hand in causing it, is it lethal to life? There may be changes, but changes can be seen in the geologic and archaeological records, and humans are still thriving. Humans seem to actually do better in warmer climates as food grows at a faster rate there than in colder areas, so the net change would likely be beneficial, unless you live along a coast.

Let me also point out that real estate prices can’t be manipulated by junk science, and if man-made climate change was so clear and the facts so evident, wouldn’t the beachfront real estate prices be going down or at least not going up? Unfortunately, even in Manhattan, an area claimed from the sea by landfill, the prices of properties are continuing to rise. Perhaps the U.N. will consider voluntarily moving from their “dangerous” current location to a place where they won’t need to tread water to be able to get in the front doors? Apparently even the U.N. doesn’t believe the hysteria of the man-made climate change believers. If there is a “no” to any of the three questions listed above, the issue is moot and the efforts of Mr. Kempton and other man-made climate change believers are revealed to be political/religious and should be dismissed by those who don’t care to be manipulated by mass hysteria, particularly from those in the supposed scientific community.

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