By Dave Solt, San Juan Capistrano

In a sad era of our history, Senator Joe McCarthy would ask a person the same question over and over again. “Are you now or have you ever been a member of the Communist party?”

When he had asked it enough times in public, folks would begin to wonder if there was any truth to it. Is the recipient of the question at least a little guilty? After all, haven’t we all heard this acquisition before?

This is the type of transgression Councilman Derek Reeve is guilty of through his columns in The Dispatch.

I know this fine newspaper allows columnists and letter-to-the-editor writers to speak freely. This is usually a good policy. However, Councilman Reeve is abusing this privilege by using this paper to spread misinformation. His recent guest opinion (“It is Time to Respectfully Agree to Disagree”) is a personal attack and a continuation of his spreading information he knows to be wrong (30 percent water rates increases). He has previously put forth these same shameful items in your respected paper, at City Council meetings, in the Common Sense newspaper and elsewhere. He is getting his opportunity to make false claims over and over to the point readers will say, “Hey! Haven’t I previously read about outrageous water increases?”

This paper retains the right to edit submissions or refuse to print them. Please, in respect for your brand, The Capistrano Dispatch, exercise your rights when Reeve abuses his privileges by stating the same lies and personal attacks over and over again. Please add a footnote with what your reporter knows to be correct data and add a disclaimer to personal attacks.

Please do not provide Reeve a forum for his repeated yelling out loud, “Are you now, or have you ever been?”

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  • David Bartholomew

    Extremism, radicalism, fanaticism / Fear mongering by Capistrano Dispatch and resident Dave Solt (letter) Certainly, Jonathan Volzke should chime in here too as propagandist head of the 30% water heist scheme. Councilman Derek Reeve is not just right to red-flag this crime-by-council, but to yell it out like Paul Revere for the GOP-Reich is among you, like hidden in sheep’s clothing, IMHO not! For it is a 30% fact of life now.

    Why the 30% Water Reich-Rights? My opinion is SJ Capistrano residents are to pay for very expensive infrastructures and water pipers leading to and from the door steps of Rancho MV Co 20,000 new door steps. (includes sewage rights, taxation, etc. ). But why? Why can’t the Rancho MV Co builder take out a 3% loan to do the same? In my opinion, it is because the Rancho MV Co has bought and paid City Council to use immoral, inappropriate redevelopment language (legalese terminology), to have the citizens pay these costs.

    How does Dave Solt find the nerve to scare us? To say one City Councilman Derek Reeve is guilty of McCarthyism, by example of the over-taxaction 30% Water Reich-Rights is like saying Thomas Jefferson was guilty to complain of the over-taxaction / of the Stamp Act.

    If you take a second to visit Wiki / TV commercial by presidential candidate Lyndon Johnson, 1964 campaign, a little girl appears in “Daisy” TV commercial, “Vote for President Johnson on November 3. The stakes are too high for you to stay home”. Mr. Dave Solt does appear to be a political lobbyist, paid to publicize, for the purpose to ensure GOP Reich’s (not Rights) to force the sleepy San Juan community to wake up, that “Our very lives are endangered by the McCarthyism-illegal tactics of a City Council. Councilman Derek Reeve is a mensch.

    Educated People of SJC, be warned. If you do not stand up for your Rights, then others will stand up for your Reich’s. As for the uneducated People of SJC, you will lose about $100,000 dollars in your lifetime (40 years / additional water costs) raising a family under the control of City Council and radical, fanatic, hate mongers like Dave Solt.

    Dana Point has this same GOP-slime base in our City Council, using legalese to steal environmental Rights away from DP citizens; for a nice profit and Hawaiian timeshare. By Dave Bartholomew at cox dot net

  • Hey Dave Solt, blah, blah blah. You failed to document one instance of misinformation. Nice try Dave Solt not one instance. We need more heroes like City Council member Derek Reeve who are not afraid to tell you the truth not people like Dave Solt who can only write blah, blah, blah.

    Hey aren’t you the sam Dave Solt that along with Laura Freese wanted to take taxpayer money and purchase dilapidated property in the city and rent it out to low income families. Hey Dave Solt, due us a favor. Butt out. Your socialistic thinking is not welcome in these United States. I understand Ukraine has some openings for your kind of thinking.

    Hey Dave Solt, you might want to watch the HG channel sometime. Entrepreneurs buy property, rehabilitate it, sell it and make a profit. That is called capitalism. It is what this great country of ours is founded on. Your socialistic behavior and thinking is not welcome.

    Thank God what you wrote in your measly five paragraphs is just pure idiocy.

  • Hey Dave, it has been eleven days since your letter was printed. Still waiting for exactly what that misinformation is. Come on Dave, you can be specified can’t you ? Or, is that asking too much?

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