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Leaders in the equestrian community recently came together to support Otra Mas, a volunteer-based retirement, rehabilitative and renewal equine therapy nonprofit based in San Juan Capistrano. C.A.R.E. (Capistrano Animal Rescue Effort) donated $5,000 to Otra Mas to support the rehabilitation of horses.

Headquartered at Ortega Equestrian Center (OEC) in San Juan, Otra Mas provides quality management for retired, abused and neglected horses. Its mission is to ensure essential care of horses through intervention, education, and outreach. OEC is a privately owned full-service boarding facility that is licensed and board certified.

“The work of Otra Mas is supported primarily by donations of individuals and corporations,” a press release from the center states. “It is through the generous hearts and hands of people donating to the organization that horses in the program thrive and have a purposeful life.”

Otra Mas’ programs include equine psychotherapy, riding lessons and providing emotional assistance and equine therapy to servicemen and women who are on active duty, as well as recovering soldiers and their families during post-deployment. Otra Mas also provides immediate shelter and aid for horses during emergencies and natural disasters.

Anyone interested in volunteering or donating to Otra Mas can call Kathy Holman at 949.661.3130. Otra Mas is located at 27252 Calle Arroyo.

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