By Alex Groves 

The City Council unanimously approved changes to a small park located at the corner of Del Obispo and Alipaz streets that included converting a small turf area into a drought tolerant garden, paving the area with concrete bricks and improving two Americans with Disabilities Act ramps.

Assistant Public Works Director Tom Toman told the city council that the very small park is actually what is commonly referred to as a parklet.

Toman told the council that when the city began implementing some water conservation restrictions in 2015, city staff were directed not to water the area and let the grass turf die off. The plan has been to return to the area to improve it with some sort of beautification.

He said that a large sycamore tree that’s currently leaning and sick would be removed and that the planter areas within the park would be filled with native, drought-tolerant landscaping and woodchip cover.

Some of the current sidewalk would be replaced with brick pavers similar to what’s currently in parts of the downtown area, he said.

Now that the project has been approved by the council, staff will issue a purchase order in the amount of $67,000 to the United Building and Development Services, LLC to get started.

The project will be completed in fall 2018, which is ideal for establishing new California native plantings, according to a city staff report.

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