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Friday, August 17

Suspicious Vehicle
Paseo Don Jose, 31500 Block (12:21 a.m.)

A resident called police after he saw a dark-colored Ford F-350 parked facing the wrong way on the street behind his residence. The caller stated the truck had been parked there for several hours.

Thursday, August 16

Citizen Assist
La Zanja Street/Camino Capistrano (9:15 p.m.)

Police were called after a man spotted a dog tied to a light pole at a park. A large group of men were playing basketball at the park but had since left the area. The dog’s leash was wrapped around the light pole and it was unknown if the men were planning on returning to the park.

Traffic Hazard
Ortega Highway/I-5 Freeway (12:51 p.m.)

The tailgate had fallen off a large pickup truck and was blocking the left lane of traffic on Ortega Highway a half mile from the I-5 Freeway. One car had already run over the tailgate and was parked at a business to change a flat tire.

Annoying Phone Call
Camino Capistrano, 32100 Block (8:26 a.m.)

San Juan Urgent Care employees called police after they had been receiving prank calls every day for two weeks. The employees reported several unknown people, possibly two males and one female, had been calling asking if they could purchase “strange items in large quantities.”

Wednesday, August 15

Suspicious Person/Circumstance
Calle La Purisima, 35100 Block (10:15 p.m.)

Two teenage males were heard being loud in an alley behind an apartment building. The teens were smoking cigarettes and talking in very loud voices that were echoing through the alley way, according to the caller. A patrol check was carried out but the two boys had left the area.

Shots Heard-No Suspect Information
Del Obispo Street, 32880 Block (7:03 p.m.)

Police received numerous calls reporting two possible gunshots heard in the area near Marco Forster Middle School. While performing a patrol check, deputies found four juvenile males lighting firecrackers at the baseball field of San Juan Capistrano Sports Park.

Code Alex
I-5 Freeway/Ortega Highway (3:11 p.m.)

Garden Grove Police Department had an attempted robbery of a jewelry store and the suspects fled in a stolen vehicle. Local deputies were dispatched to predetermined locations along the I-5 but were unable to locate the suspect.

Tuesday, August 14

Illegally Parked Vehicle
Calle Reynalda, 31900 Block (9:34 p.m.)

A maroon Chevy van was reported parked in a red zone on the corner of Calle Delphina and Calle Reynalda. The driver had left the vehicle running while she entered a house in the area. The caller contacted the police when the driver returned to the vehicle and left the area.

Paseo Carolina, 32200 Block (4:24 p.m.)

Employees of a property management company called police to report four juvenile females who had jumped the fence of a locked community pool. The girls were now laying out on the pool deck tanning.

Burglary Alarm-Audible
31800 Block, Del Obispo Street (3:35 a.m.-4:58 p.m.)

Police received five alarm code reports from separate businesses in the area of Historic Town Center Park. The reports started at the intersection of Del Obispo Street and Camino Capistrano at approximately 3:30 a.m. and the final report was received from a business at the intersection of Ortega Highway and Del Obispo Street at 4:58 a.m.

Monday, August 13

Drunk In Public
Paseo Adelanto, 32100 Block (7:22 p.m.)

Police were called to a domestic violence class when a female client taking the class became agitated and disruptive. The woman was heavily intoxicated and threatened to hit her boyfriend.

Illegally Parked Vehicle
Calle Delphina/Calle Reynalda (5:47 p.m.)

Two calls reported a silver two-door sedan blocking a fire hydrant at the end of the street. One caller had seen a man leave the vehicle and walk down the street to a neighbor’s house an hour before calling police.

Sunday, August 12

Paseo Carolina, 32200 Block (9:57 p.m.)

A report was received describing a large gathering of people standing outside on the street, drinking beer and being noisy. The caller stated several of the people in the group looked to be under the age of 21.

General Broadcast
San Juan Creek Road/La Novia Avenue (8:32 p.m.)

A call was sent advising deputies to watch for a silver Infiniti racing up and down the street between La Novia Avenue and San Juan Creek Road.

Traffic Hazard
Camino Capistrano/La Zanja Street (3:18 p.m.)

A black Isuzu was stalled in the left turn lane of Camino Capistrano at La Zanja Street. The caller stated several males were seen attempting to push the car to the side of the road.

Burglary Alarm-Audible
Calle La Purisima, 31500 Block (6:41 a.m.)

A concerned neighbor called police when he thought he heard his next door neighbor’s house alarm sounding and the resident’s dogs barking inside. Police performed a patrol check of the area and discovered the alarm was a very loud alarm clock in the resident’s bedroom.

Alipaz Street, 32300 Block (1:42 a.m.)

A woman was woken up by someone attempting to open her front door. The 26-year-old told police she could hear footsteps out on her front porch and bushes moving outside her kitchen window. A perimeter search found no suspicious persons or activity.

Saturday, August 11

Calle San Luis, 26400 Block (10:35 p.m.)

Police were called after a man witnessed four men involved in a physical altercation near an apartment complex. It appeared that three of the individuals were punching each other while the fourth man was attempting to break up the fight.

Illegally Parked Vehicle
Los Rios Street, 31500 Block (4:01 p.m.)

A maroon sedan was reportedly parked in the red zone in front of a mailbox. According to the caller, the mailman was unable to access the mailbox to fill the boxes because the car was parked so close to the mailboxes.

Petty Theft
Camino Capistrano, 32100 Block (12:34 p.m.)

An adult female was caught stealing several items, including makeup, alcohol and candy. Store employees called police after the woman was seen putting a bottle of vodka into her purse and attempting to walk out of the store without paying. The woman was cooperative and was being held in the employee break room until authorities arrived.

Friday, August 10

Disturbance-Music or Party
Via del Rey, 25600 Block (11:34 p.m.)

Police were called to a house that played host to what was described as a “very loud and rambunctious” party. Deputies had responded to a similar complaint at this residence an hour earlier and ended the gathering, but once the officers left the house, the people returned to the house and continued partying.

Vandalism Report
Rancho Viejo Road, 31100 Block (9:07 a.m.)

A man was witnessed scratching the paint of a dark green Honda Civic that was parked near a local business. The caller believed the man was using a key to damage the paint on the driver-side door and described the man as 6-feet-8-inches tall, wearing a black T-shirt and white shorts.

Assault with a Deadly Weapon
Camino Capistrano, 32000 Block (5:48 a.m.)

Police arrested a 46-year-old man after he hit his neighbor across the leg with a plank of wood. The man became agitated after a dispute regarding landscaping issues with his neighbor’s bushes crossing over into his property.

Thursday, August 9

Suspicious Vehicle
Calle Ricardo/Avenida Evita (8:29 p.m.)

A man called police after seeing a red Mazda parked on his street for a few hours. The caller stated the car was running and had its brake lights on. The man had approached the car to see if someone was lying down in the car but found no people near the car. The caller did find that the car was left in drive and a large rock had been rested against the brake pedal.

Burglary Alarm-Audible
Camino Capistrano, 33600 Block (7 p.m.)

Police were notified an alarm for a back entrance had been activated at a local business. Deputies were able to make contact with the manager of the business, who was unaware of any alarms or reason for the alarm sounding.

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