San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station. File photo
San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station. File photo

By Jim Shilander

Southern California Edison will conduct a “growl test” of its community alert siren system, Monday, Nov. 17 and Tuesday, Nov. 18.

The nuclear plant tests its community alert siren system every three months. There are nine sirens in San Juan Capistrano. Each one is tested individually for a few seconds, which is known as a “growl” test.

This test is different from the annual test in October, which calls for sounding off all sirens at the same time for a three-minute duration.

In an actual emergency, the sounding of the sirens means residents should turn on their radios/televisions for instructions to find out what course of action is required.

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  • The city of San Clement has had over a year to create a plan to dispose of 150 drums of nuclear waste. Experts have been hired, plans have been written and modified. A year later, the mayor of San Clement said no to any of it and the drums of nuclear waste sit a mile from a grade school. Great plan designed. Money spent. Nothing accomplished. Plan thrown out by mayor. Move the waste to an isolated place and guard it. Call in the Marines. But, for God sake do something.

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