By Lindsey Bro

This year, every resident of San Juan Capistrano is receiving a free annual membership to The Ecology Center, starting this month. As a member, you’ll receive 10% off produce at the Farm Stand, discounts on events, workshops, educational programming, farm tours, and so much more. 

Since we started 11 years ago, The Ecology Center has transformed a dirt lot into a working regenerative organic farm, nonprofit education center, and the heart of our community.

Right now, we’re harvesting lots of beautiful winter greens, broccoli, cauliflower and lettuces. Especially good at the moment are our Kyoto red carrots, an heirloom carrot perfect for roasting. With the chilly nights, cool days and above-average rainfall we’ve been getting, our strawberry crop is taking a little longer than expected to mature, so picking might be delayed a little this year—making them all that much sweeter when they do come.

When you do swing by the Farm Stand to redeem your free membership, remember to bring a proof of residence for San Juan Capistrano. Also, if you’re looking to kick-start your journey into waste-free, eco-conscious living, check out the back of our farm stand, where we have a bulk section for you to refill soaps, oils, honey, grains, and several other staples.  

If you aren’t a resident of San Juan Capistrano, but would still like to get involved, you can buy a membership at the farm stand, volunteer, sign up for classes, donate, or just shop our store. Every bit counts, and we’re more than happy to have you come on by.

The Ecology Center is located at 32701 Alipaz St. in San Juan Capistrano, or visit to sign up for our newsletter, see our calendar of events, sign up for workshops, or to just learn more.

Lindsey Bro is a Southern California-based copywriter and content creator for purpose-driven brands. As a contributing writer and friend of The Ecology Center, her most recent work with them has been The Community Table cookbook.

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