By Haley Chi-Sing

Atmosphere Atelier is currently closed while undergoing renovations and construction. The store is looking to remodel several features in the shop and will reopen once renovations are completed.

Collete Kaplan, owner of Atmosphere Atelier, said the renovations include the addition of a dressing room, new lighting and space for more display. The renovated shop is expected to reopen in early July.

Atmosphere Atelier specializes in low-key luxury apparel and artisanal lifestyle home goods. The boutique features mostly out-of-country artisanal pieces. Customers can also find home goods as well as clothing and furniture.

Kaplan boasts a classic, elegant collection of furniture, home items and clothing. She specifically focuses on high-residential pieces and designs. Kaplan’s unique style and design perspective and expertise are evident in Atmosphere Atelier’s one-of-a-kind home and clothing selections.

A full collection of Atmosphere Atelier’s products can be found on its website. The store’s Los Olivos location showcases a majority of the store’s items.

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