Basanti owners Roshan and Shradha Kumar. Photo: Rachel Wilford
Basanti owners Roshan and Shradha KC. Photo: Rachel Wilford

27221 Ortega Highway, Suite G

By Rachel Wilford

Indian food is making its debut in San Juan Capistrano with the opening of Basanti, a restaurant that owner Roshan KC describes as casual, neighborhood, North Indian cuisine.

Since its opening a month ago, Basanti has been hosting more and more guests every day, many of them repeat customers.

“One man has come in at least 12 times so far,” KC said. “The best part is when people come back and bring their family and their friends. It’s rewarding when they love our food.”

KC owned a restaurant in San Francisco that closed in 2010. After he and his family moved to Southern California recently, KC decided he wanted to open up a new restaurant. When he found the available space in April, he and his wife Shradha decided to take the leap and open Basanti in San Juan.

Roshan and Shradha were both born and raised in Nepal, but they didn’t meet until they both moved to San Francisco in the early 2000s. They have lived in Fullerton for almost two years with their two young sons and just celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary.

During his youth, KC said that his father was his cooking mentor and that they used to cook together often.

“Every Saturday in Nepal, we would always cook extra food for anyone who wanted to come by,” KC said. “We always had many visitors and my father loved cooking for them.”

Basanti’s menu features traditional Indian dishes such as a variety of tandoori entrees, curries and naan bread.

The couple chose the name Basanti for the restaurant because the word means “spring.” KC said he plans to decorate the inside of the restaurant with many vibrant colors and artwork once they are able to get more settled in.

KC said he puts his heart and soul into the food he cooks for his guests. He can be found making traditional Indian dishes in the restaurant’s kitchen with head chef Bobino Pires. Pires is originally from Bombay (now called Mumbai) and KC is thankful to have him.

“Cooking is my first love,” KC said. “It is the thing I fell in love with before I fell in love with my wife.”

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