Totally Rad! owners Doug and Chenin Boutwell. Photo: Courtesy of Roger Ellsworth
Totally Rad! owners Doug and Chenin Boutwell. Photo: Courtesy of Roger Ellsworth

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Totally Rad!

Photographers Doug and Chenin Boutwell, of Ladera Ranch, co-own Totally Rad! Inc.—a photography software company based in South Orange County that has released more than 10 photo editing apps since its inception in 2007.

The Boutwells—high school sweethearts who married in college—worked as wedding photographers before becoming educators in the photography field. From there, Chenin said it was a natural progression to creating and selling photo editing tools to photographers—apps like Replichrome, RadLab, Pro Retouch 2.0, and iPhone app PicTapGo.

But the photographers-turned-app developers decided to venture into new territory recently when they began searching for an app that would allow their son to watch his favorite videos without being able to access all of YouTube. They were surprised to find that such an app didn’t really exist.

So in October, the duo released Huvi—a free video streaming app that lets parents pick which videos their kids can watch.

Parents set up profiles for their children, and the kids can only watch what’s been preselected—no searching YouTube and stumbling upon inappropriate content. The app features a kid-friendly interface, as well as additional features such as screen time limits, passcodes and touch ID.

“Essentially it’s just a big playlist for a child that you can tailor specifically to their interests,” Doug said, adding that being able to tailor such lists sets Huvi apart from YouTube’s kids apps.

For more information on Totally Rad!’s apps, follow the company on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @gettotallyrad.

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