By Emily Rasmussen

City Council on March 20 unanimously voted to deny an appeal of the design review committee determinations of the Plaza Banderas Hotel project’s final construction plans.

The appeals claimed there were inconsistencies with the 2011 planning commission approved design plans related to architectural control on the Plaza Banderas Hotel project, which is being developed by Bill Griffith’s Mission Commercial Properties. City Council unanimously adopted a resolution to make appropriate findings, deny the appeals and move forward with the design review committee’s determinations.

Some of the appeals claimed changes to the approved conceptual design plans, piecemealed review violations and elimination of certain design elements.

The appeal was represented by attorney Charles Krolikowski, of Save Our Mission SJC, who suggested that some of the buildings thought to be used as commercial, could be deceptively turned into more hotel rooms.

Plaza Banderas Hotel project associate Dan Friess said that when the time comes, they will apply for permits with the city for the type of use that they seek out at that time for those buildings.

Friess said that with the appeal denials, Plaza Banderas Hotel is slated to open in the fall of 2019.

To read more about the design of the project and the appeals that were denied, visit

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