By Emily Rasmussen

The Capistrano Unified School District (CUSD) Board of Trustees on Wednesday, March 28 unanimously voted to approve a retirement plan for certified non-management employees, as part of the tentative agreement with Capistrano Unified Education Association (CUEA).

After more than one year of negotiations between CUEA and CUSD regarding salary and benefit increases, extended-day kindergarten and early retirement incentives, the tentative agreement details were agreed upon and released in January. The vote on March 28 on the retirement plan was a follow-up regarding the early-retirement incentive portion of the agreement, which was conditionally approved by the board on Feb. 13.

“As part of the tentative agreement between (CUSD) and CUEA, the district agreed to offer a (supplemental retirement plan) benefit equivalent to 80 percent of final pay if a total of 180 resignations were achieved,” a CUSD staff report read.

The retirement plan is designed as a retirement incentive to encourage non-management CUEA employees to retire early, with the goal to generate savings or to create at no cost to CUSD by increasing the number of retirements for the 2017-2018 school year. The benefit encouraged more than 500 eligible employees to enroll in the plan, but the district met the agreement’s threshold based on at least 180 participants. CUSD approved the resignation/retirement of 184 employees by approving the retirement plan on March 28.

With the approval of the retirement plan, this will trigger all pink slips that were sent out on Feb. 28 to be rescinded, CUSD President Martha McNicholas said.

“Notices that were previously sent out to certificated staff members on Feb. 28, we now have prepared rescinsion notices and they are scheduled to be delivered,” said Gordon Amerson, CUSD associate superintendent of human resource services.

This is a developing story. The Capistrano Dispatch will provide more information when it becomes available. 

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