By Allison Jarrell

After showing interest last month in increasing pay for substitute teachers, the Capistrano Unified School District Board of Trustees unanimously approved an increased rate at their Feb. 10 meeting of $105 per day and a long-term rate of $150 after 30 days. The increase in daily compensation is the first raise for CUSD substitutes in more than 15 years.

The 651 substitute teachers employed in Capistrano Unified were previously paid the lowest daily rate, and the highest long-term rate, of the districts CUSD surveyed in the county, at $90 a day, $100 per day after 10 days and $221 per day after 40 days of work.

In order to become more competitive with neighboring districts, staff recommended increasing pay to $105 a day, which will be offset by decreasing long-term pay. The majority of trustees initially asked staff to analyze increasing rates to $115 per day and $130 after 40 days, but staff reported back that the “trustees’ suggestions did not stay within the $260,000 cap” in the district’s budget.

The new daily wages are effective immediately, with the long-term wages going into effect July 1.

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