By John Mitchell, San Juan Capistrano

In my opinion, publishing the Nov. 8 letter is equivalent to shouting “fire” or “bomb” in a crowded venue.

Statements such as “canister full of more radiation than the Chernobyl disaster” is demonstrably and absolutely false.

Regardless of opinion, a thorough risk analysis followed by extensive testing has concluded that the storage protocol being implemented at San Onofre is safe. Life itself is a risk. There are probably more deaths from traffic accidents in Southern California than total fatalities from Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and Fukushima combined. Each was several orders of magnitude greater than any possible spent fuel incident that could occur at San Onofre.

Until the federal government makes good on its longstanding obligation to provide a spent fuel depository, the fully studied, approved storage on site at San Onofre will exist. People had better get used to it!

For anyone unwilling or too afraid to live with this reality, their sole option is to move a distance they consider safe. In my opinion, like shouting fire, they do not have the right to inflame public opinion with false statements.

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