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Looking back at your own childhood, some of the best summer memories are those that were spent at home or in the backyard. With heavy travel and activity schedules for both parents and kids, it’s refreshing (and financially sound) to spend time in the comfort of one’s home. That doesn’t mean it has to be all work and no play. Adventures for your kids can still be found with a few household items, a jump rope or basketball and craft supplies.

  • Get Crafty: Stop by a local arts supplies store and pick up construction paper, markers and crayons. Encouraging kids to explore their creative side by making decorations for their room, mimicking the solar system or even making cards for local military members currently deployed is an easy and affordable way to bring out their artistic side.
  • Up-Cycle Art: Take crafting a step further and turn cardboard boxes into space ships, milk jugs and cartons into space packs or use recycled plastic lids to create a solar system. Kids can take a spin around the world in their rocket ship or sail over the seas with a jetpack then draw images of what they saw on their journey.
  • Play Around: Physical exercise like playing tag, going for a hike, skateboarding or beach volleyball are simple and free forms of fun.

According to the Power of Moms website, including daily rewards after chores or must-do lists is another stimulating and healthy way to keep children busy throughout the summer months.

  • Make-It Monday: Whether it’s learning how to make a few treats for the family barbeque or Fourth of July party, or building a fort out of old cardboard boxes and leftover firewood, children can explore this day of the week with inventions and innovation.
  • Trip Tuesday: Grab bikes from the garage and ride along the San Clemente Beach Trail, visit the Blas Aguilar Adobe in San Juan Capistrano or throw Frisbees in Sea Terrace Park in Dana Point. Trips do not have to be four-hour drives through heavy Southern California traffic.
  • Wet Wednesday: Cool off from the hot weather with the kids and visit the Ole Hanson’s Beach Club pool or one of the countless Pacific beach entrances.
  • Think Thursday: Ever wonder how laffy taffy is made at the county fair? What about the ecosystem of our local waters? Compile your own fun facts for kids, pick up a new book or take them to a museum to get them thinking about different ideas.
  • Friend Friday: Socializing with peers is an integral part of healthy development and happiness. Take turns with other parents so children and teens can surf with friends, watch a movie on the beach or dance together at Dana Point’s Summer Concert Series.

Making your own summer camp and activities this summer for your kids is guaranteed to be both affordable and memorable.

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