By Allison Jarrell

District 5 candidate Mechelle Lawrence Adams spent the most money on her bid for a seat on the San Juan Capistrano City Council, according to the final round of campaign finance statements submitted to the city clerk.

Lawrence Adams, who is the executive director of Mission San Juan Capistrano, raised a total of $43,969 and spent $40,042 in the 2016 District 5 City Council race. She came in second with about 26 percent of the vote.

Brian Maryott won the District 5 race with over 43 percent of the vote (or 1,992 votes). Maryott self-funded his campaign with a $36,000 loan.

Former mayor Larry Kramer came in third, raising a total of $21,768 and spending $22,402. Fourth-place candidate Ronda Mottl, who now serves on the city’s utilities commission, reported raising and spending $5,731. Jim Schneider, who came in fifth, and Robert Parks, who dropped out of the Council race, both filed form 470’s, which state that they did not anticipate receiving or spending more than $2,000 on their campaigns.

In District 1, Sergio Farias won the race with more than 58 percent of the vote (961 votes total). He raised $12,617 and spent $12,378. Cultural Heritage Commissioner Nathan Banda came in second and reported raising $14,614 and spending $14,814.

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