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Public comment is now available for a portion of the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS) final environmental impact report (EIR) regarding the Unit 2 and 3 offshore conduits that were used to pull in ocean water to keep generators cool.

The proposed project will “remove offshore components and install mammal exclusion barriers for the Units 2 and 3 conduits, place temporary solid covers on top of the mammal exclusion barriers on the Unit 2 discharge conduit to allow for future use, if needed”; and it will “remove navigational and environmental monitoring buoys and anchors,” according to the executive summary of the EIR.

The State Lands Commission will meet to review, consider, and receive public

comment on certification of the final EIR, and, if it is certified, the board will take action on

the proposals on March 21 in Southern California. Details will be provided as they become available on the State Lands website:

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