By Allison Jarrell

The downtown San Juan Hotel & Villas project will come before the San Juan Capistrano City Council for one last public hearing on Tuesday, Nov. 18.

The developer of the project filed a lawsuit against the city of San Juan Capistrano on Nov. 3, challenging the decision that a general plan amendment is required to move the development forward. Joshua Host, principal of Urban Village, said after years of work, nine public hearings and Planning Commission approval in May, city staff said the residential element of his project did not align with the city’s general plan.

A general plan amendment failed to pass in August with a 2-2 council vote. Councilmen Roy Byrnes and Derek Reeve voted in opposition, and Councilman John Taylor recused himself because of his proximity to the project.

Host said the lawsuit filed Nov. 3 was “in no way malicious,” adding that Urban Village has “every intent to try and work on an amicable solution.” Host said they’ve never had to file legal action against a city before.

“We believe in this town. We’ve dedicated a lot to be here, including moving my family here,” Host said at the council’s Nov. 4 meeting. “We believe this is a beautiful project. We’ve now lined up the largest and first operator of boutique hotels in the U.S. and have all our funding together, and hopefully we can find a solution to move forward.”

The final public hearing for the boutique hotel and villas project will take place at the Nov. 18 City Council meeting, beginning at 6 p.m.

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  • One MORE hearing? Elections have consequences and the existing City Council must keep that in mind. If this project, like Laguna Glen, is approved there should be an effort to sue existing Council members for lack of fiduciary responsibility.

  • The CC meeting went on until 3am. About 50-100 people were moved outside to the parking lot to wait to speak. This meeting should have been held at the school district. Many had to leave. And, Allevato got what he wanted. A hotel is now approved and the Blendheim lease is renewed before the new city council members are seated on Dec 2. We really need new legal council for the city. And, we need a larger city council chamber. Residents are trying to be heard but are sent to the parking lot to wait for their name to be called. I’d say this was a circus, but it was more of a rodeo.

    • Next petition to hit Ralphs…..will be….this should not happen.

      • yes..2 reforendums on the same ticket. Let the people of San Juan be heard

      • One way would be to protest peacefully.

      • Allevato will continue to manipulate those meetings so that residents cannot be heard. Hell, they can’t even be seated. He wants to push something through, he sends e-mails to his special interest groups like the equestrian people or the development people and they show up at city hall at 2:30 and take all the seats. Residents arrive at 6pm and are ushered outside to wait for hours in the cold. How can residents become more involved if we attend the city council meeting only to be ushered into the lobby and parking lot.

  • I hope the first city council meeting of Dec. 2015 does not begins with a closed door session. I want to know what the hell is going on in this city behind closed doors.

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