By Lillian Boyd, The Capistrano Dispatch

During mid-November, San Juan Hills High School celebrated “Kindness Week,” the brainchild of the school’s Compassion Crew.

The Compassion Crew, a group of volunteer teachers and staff members dedicated to spreading positivity and kindness around campus, was formed last year following the tragic events of the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Florida.

“We want to be a school that believes in empathy and compassion and respect for one another.  We hope that this week was able to highlight and build upon these qualities, which we believe are already present at SJHHS,” said Compassion Crew Member Kristen Osborne.

This year, during each day of Kindness Week, different activities were planned for students and staff, planned by the Compassion Crew and supported by school administration and ASB.  These activities included “Be Kind” bracelets being distributed and a “Kindness Wall” that hung in the quad for students to spread positive messages.

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