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San Juan Capistrano Mayor Sam Allevato. Courtesy of the city of San Juan Capistrano
San Juan Capistrano Mayor Sam Allevato. Courtesy of the city of San Juan Capistrano

Sam Allevato, Mayor of San Juan Capistrano

All municipal elections are important as this is the closest relationship that the voting public has to its elected officials.

This coming election is especially important because there is a clear choice of voting for the continued, healthy recovery of our town or reverting to a simplistic approach of just saying “no” to everything as practiced by Councilman Derek Reeve and his two running mates—Pam Patterson and Kerry Ferguson.

With no help from Reeve or Councilman Roy Byrnes, the council majority, including: myself, John Taylor and Larry Kramer, has shown positive leadership by revitalizing our downtown, increasing our reserves to more than $10 million, cutting pension costs, reducing staff and the budget and, yet, governing a city with a low crime rate, abundant open space and real traffic improvements (i.e. Camino Capistrano, Ortega Interchange, and others, not just the empty rhetoric espoused by these three about doing nothing).

San Juan is truly at a crossroads. We now have long-time property owners that want to invest in our community and provide goods and services for our residents. Are all these projects perfect? Of course not. I believe these property owners should be treated with due respect and not demonized as some kind of evil outside developer, as the home you live in was probably built by someone else.

Larry Kramer and John Taylor have taken the initiative to at least look at the possibilities—the pros and cons, benefits and costs—of bringing new vitality to our town by private investment. The private sector creates jobs and pays property and sales tax that then can be used to provide more police services, fire protection, paved roads and to keep our town healthy and growing, not lethargic and stagnant.

The opposition of Reeve, Patterson and Ferguson want you to simply accept “no.” Reeve has consistently voted “no” to support after-school programs at the Boys & Girls Club, “no” to emergency electrical generation at City Hall, “no” to the dog park, Reata Park, etc., “no” to the Sheriff’s Department contract (because he can’t get a concealed weapons permit), “no” to providing clean drinking water to you and “no” to so many other items that it would fill this paper.

This complete lack of leadership and his “no’s” are never followed with constructive answers, only demonizing the council majority. Now, he wants you to follow him and his two tag-alongs with pushing our town towards blight and stagnation.

Reeve actually represented a group adverse to the interests of this city that sued the city and complained the majority has caused these lawsuits. This issue is currently being investigated by the state Attorney General’s Office, but I ask you—don’t you see a moral conflict of interest for someone to represent an organization that acts against the interest of the very city that he is sworn to protect?

Please don’t buy the misstatements, exaggerations and uninformed rhetoric of Reeve and his ilk. Vote for positive and responsible progress by voting for Taylor and Kramer this Nov. 4.

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  • Boy, that Derek Reeve is one bad vaquero! He actually listened to the recommendations of the Planning Commission! As he is supposed to do. Seems like he doesn’t just “rubber stamp” everything that comes before the City Council. He looks at all aspects, makes up his own mind, is not influenced by others. Just what you should want in a councilman. Ferguson and Patterson each have well thought out reasons for objecting to all three of the major construction projects, that include issues that will impact all residents of SJC….WATER, and TRAFFIC. What we are seeing in the above letter is the “real” Allevato….or should we say “King Allevato” or “Czar Allevato”? And his henchmen, Taylor and Kramer.

  • Is this why you Allevato collude with your traffic commissioner Matt Gaffney to smear Councilman Reeve with those disgusting mailers? You say Reeve has a lawsuit against him from Capital One, but fail to mention it was dismissed. Yet Gaffney, your personal pit-bull, actually has a judgment against him from Capital One! Look it up, case #05SL05911. Your ilk make many of us residents sick.

  • Mayor Allevato’s choice of words is very interesting. Clearly “No” is a terrible word that should be avoided at all costs if we are to continue a positive “healthy choice” for “continued growth” of our town. But look at what it cost each of US when he refused to vote “No”

    – He voted “Yes” to spent $27.5 million dollars on “open space” that we can’t set foot on except for three times a year to see a “free” movie on. Despite the inviting areas perfect for sports activities and special…we’re kept behind a fence we paid to build in an area primarily named after Rancho Mission Viejo!

    – Allevato says”I believe… all property owners should be treated with due respect.” But he didn’t vote “No” when the Scalzo family lawsuit (regarding the numerous city-based development restrictions) came up for settlement early in his tenure as a council member ~ resulting in a $6.7 million court settlement that, with interest, has ballooned to well over $10 million. So much for his promises.

    Note that he sees this city with only two options – “growing” or “stagnant” but exactly why does growth have to be pursued at all costs? And more importantly, whose growth is he really supporting? Think of the previously proposed expansion of the electrical station in our historic downtown building immediately adjacent a park – a move he supported, along with doubling the size of the towers that bisect our town. While the cause was purported to be to help “upgrade the electrical grid” a closer read shows this was really to support the 14,000 homes being built in Rancho Mission Viejo ~ because, hey, they don’t want that type of thing in their (wide open) back yard….better to put it in San Juan’s!

    Allevato’s prominent involvement with Irvine’s Great Park and the resulting debacle surrounding the tens of millions of dollars “invested” paints a clearer picture of his view of “growth” and fiscal discipline. And that $10 million savings he crows about is nothing but Washington D.C. creative accounting — a smaller, overworked staff pulling down more in overtime to balloon the budget over what it was previously is not a positive, long-term solution.

    So now he want’s to cement his rule by packing the council?

    Nah…I’ve pondered it and I think “No” is a better bet in this case.

    • Thanks for your insight, Mark! Good memory! That’s part of the problem…folks have a tendancy to forget all the past council bumpty-bumps. We all need to be reminded come election time. Alleveto is not alone….he and Grupo Alleveto will do whatever, none will be to the benefit of the real folks of SJC.

  • OK….here’s a new (or maybe not) element to Election Drama. This is NOT my opinion. It is a news article published today by the OC Register. It’s only a few days before the election. When big money romps into town at that late date… have to ask…WHY?

    • That speaks volumes. Reeve actually turned down money. Refreshing.

      Taylor, Kramer and Frisch are bought and paid for.

      Everyone received money from developers except Reeve, Patterson and Ferguson.

      Most Surprising is how connected Seigel is to the Ranch.

      • You are right, Patrick. It’s even possible that the money folks don’t realize the level of corruption. But what is, IS.

  • People need to know the truth regarding the Allevato political machine. John Taylor, Larry Kramer and Sam Allevato collude with Allevato traffic commissioner Matt Gaffney to smear Councilman Reeve and Pam Patterson with disgusting mailers. I already discovered their hypocrisy that Gaffney, Allevatto’s personal junk yard dog, has a judgment against him from Capital One, case #05SL05911. I also discovered Gaffney, the leader of San Juan Cares was also guilty of fraud, case#03CC08257, and Domestic Violence, case #D272207. These are the people wanting to keep control your town at all costs. Fight Back!

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