Ruth Clark, San Juan Capistrano

A petition for a citizen vote has been overruled by the City Council. Do we have a dictatorship now? By unilaterally cancelling the Laguna Glen project—previously approved by the former City Council—we have a barren plot on Del Obispo that is no longer suitable for agriculture. It’s perfect for a retirement community, in my opinion. My only objection is the name—we are not Laguna.

Most of the farms and orchards of avocado and citrus are gone, as are the Basque sheepherders, along with most of the cattle ranches. Instead, “house farms” occupy the land. What is the best use of that land? And don’t property owners have a right to use their land for its highest and best use? Nothing stays the same—not you or me or the area we live in. We have to move on and change with the times. While I don’t want to see San Juan overdeveloped, projects that increase tax revenue, bring jobs and customers for our local businesses help our economy. At the very least, our new City Council owes us the opportunity to vote on it as promised.

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