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—Nancy Ferruzzo, San Juan Capistrano

I read with total shock the words of Pam Patterson in her meeting with Donald Trump. In no way does this woman speak for the people of this city. We have a wonderful, diverse population, both tolerant and compassionate. To equate the immigrants from Mexico and Central America, desperate to escape poverty and lack of opportunity, with the terrorists of 9/11 borders on insane. Fortunately, her term is up for re-election in November.

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  • It appears that you do not understand that these people are here illegally. What do you have against legal immigration?

    Thankfully, we have people such as Pam Patterson who will stand for the rights of Americans in our country.

    • Illegal, really? If someone stole your car and sold it to someone else, who would the car belong to? You or the person who purchased it from the criminal that stole it?

      When our ancestors arrived her in 1607 (Jamestown) and 1620 (Salem), did they have permission to come here and take the land? The land was already occupied by indigenous Natives, who had been here for more than 25,000 years. In our Declaration of Independence, we refer to them as “the merciless Indian Savages.”

      Our ancestors not only stole the land from them, we killed more than 49 million of them between 1607 and 1870. They claimed “Manifest Destiny” in taking the land. How is that any different that someone stealing your car and selling it to someone else. Legally, you still own the car. Can not the same be said of the indigenous natives. This land is still their land.

      The so-called illegals are descendants of the first humans to settle the Americas. Many carry European-Mediterranean DNA, thanks to Cortez and Pizarro, yet one could argue that they have more right to be here than we do.

      These so-called “illegals” came here seeking refuge from the crimes perpetrated against them in their own countries. Did not our ancestors do the same thing? They have a right to be heard in a court of law. Our Constitution guarantees them “the right to due process.” Instead, we separate them from their children, then tell some they are not eligible to have their children returned to them.

      I served my country for 22 years in uniform, including Vietnam in 1968. I was proud of my country, despite its transgressions against our Native American brothers and sisters, but not today. Today, I only feel shame for what we’ve become.

      • Two Wrongs don’t make a right and injustices of the distant past can’t be used to justify further wrongs.

        “If someone stole your car and sold it to someone else…”

        What has that got to do with people entering the United States of America illegally? Are you disputing that those who enter the United States without permission are indeed illegal? Are you suggesting that the descendants of the pilgrims some 400 years later are themselves illegal?

        Why do YOU say, “Our ancestors not only stole the land from them…”

        Are not the Native Americans fellow citizens with ALL the rights and duties thereof? Have you asked them if they mind millions more crossing the border to take their jobs, dilute their vote, and occupy their lands?

        “This land is still their land.”

        Yes, as Americans, it is all OUR land and most don’t appreciate millions breaking the law by coming here illegally nor the efforts of their enablers to help these illegals succeed in these endeavors.

        “…we killed more than 49 million of them between 1607 and 1870.”

        Really? I once asked you where you came up with this ridiculous figure and you declined to answer, perhaps you’ll indulge your readers now.

        “…yet one could argue that they have more right to be here than we do.”

        Not successfully.

        So where do YOU think Americans of European descent should go? Back to Europe? How about African Americans, do you think they should go back to Africa? Should those of Chinese descent return and should ONLY those of Native American heritage occupy this landscape?

        If a nation has no borders, is it really a nation? If you agree that a nation must have borders, who determines who is allowed in? Since so many wish to leave the nation of their birth and come to America, if you allow everybody in, how long do you think America will continue to be a place people want to immigrate to?

        “Today, I only feel shame for what we’ve become.”

        That’s a pretty sad commentary that doesn’t reflect well on you. BTW, what have we become?

comments (3)

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