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— Thomas Perrin, Jr., San Juan Capistrano 

Although I don’t live in voting District 3, I do live in San Juan Capistrano within the El Nido Estates, and I wish to personally endorse Councilman Derek Reeve for reelection for City Council. Amid all of the posed photo ops, slogans and campaign statements and promises as made by the candidates in District 3, Derek Reeve alone stands out as the real deal.

I have had the opportunity to observe Councilman Reeve’s actions on the dais over his past terms, and I have met with him on several occasions. It is apparent that he carefully studies the issues, and he always presents practical solutions or options to the sometimes very controversial matters facing our city. His decisions on matters are based on the reality of the situations not the whims or wishful thinking on the part of some residents. He always considers the financial impact on the city and what appears to be in the best interest of the city’s residents—and he stands by his decisions.

Reeve, both as mayor and councilman, has had a very positive impact on the 300-plus-senior citizens, veterans and disabled residents living in our community, as well as the 2000-plus residents living in the other manufactured-home parks in San Juan Capistrano.

He has stood up for our residents by supporting the city’s rent stabilization ordinance, thus effectively protecting us against unfair rent increases. When the residents of the senior citizen parks sought additional protection against unfair treatment by the park owners, we contacted Derek. He set up an appointment for us to meet with the city managers and city attorney to present an ordinance for the city to consider. The city considered our case, then established a 55-Plus Senior District Zone Overlay for the existing senior parks in the city. Although Councilman Reeve never takes sole credit for his efforts, his actions and support for residents has resulted in the protection and preservation of affordable housing in San Juan Capistrano.

I have found him to be accessible, open and responsive to matters affecting the welfare of our residents. I strongly recommend the reelection of Derek Reeve to the City Council.

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