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— Jan Siegel, San Juan Capistrano 

In the last issue of the Dispatch, there was a paid political ad by City Council Candidate Jeff Vasquez.  In the ad, he stated that he had the endorsement of Ilse Byrnes, author of Los Rios Street Historic District Registry.

I was shocked. I have known Ilse for over 25 years, and I was wondering why she would endorse a candidate who did unpermitted work on his house in the Historic District. So I called her. Ilse has no recollection of endorsing Jeff Vasquez. And Ilse stated that she had signed no endorsement letter.

Ilse Byrnes will always be the San Juan Capistrano historian. Ilse has been responsible for all 13 structures, including Los Rios Street being placed on the National Registry of Historic Places in the City. To misrepresent what Ilse stands for is not just wrong; it is a lie.

Neither Ilse nor I know what the Los Rios Street Historic District Registry is. Vasquez could not even get that right. Los Rios Street is on the National Registry of Historic Places as the oldest residential neighborhood in California.

Thank you, Ilse, for all that you have done to protect historic preservation in San Juan Capistrano. That is your legacy.

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  • Go to Jeff’s website where you will see Ilse’ Byrnes signed endorsement for Jeff Vasquez, which I witnessed.


    You will also see a picture of her and Jeff when she signed that endorsement. You can also hear an audio file of her calling Jeff to offer her support.

    In regard to the work on Jeff’s house, check with the city. He had permits for all of the work done 34 years ago. I’m sorry if you missed your opportunity to object back then.

    This sort of nonsense is nothing but a transparent attempt to discredit a candidate who has the best interest’s of San Juan’s residents in mind. Jeff has been around since the days of walking with his buddies to Marco Forster Middle School. He got married at the el Adobe. Jeff knows San Juan.

    He has no developer ties, no big business interest, no hidden agenda. He’s the real deal. Jeff’s a photographer here whose business has helped support what San Juan is today.

    You’ve seen the slate he’s running against….Taylor, Reeve, and Bourne.

    The Inland Empire Taxpayers Association just sent me another ad for Taylor. Who are they ? Are they even in our County ? Don’t let outside interests try to turn San Juan into something that its not.

    Reeve ran against Taylor last cycle, and said horrible things about him. Now they run together.

    Bourne is the developer who sued the City over not getting what he wanted for the Vermuelen property.

    And the best they can come up with against Jeff is that he rebuilt a termite infested house 34 years ago, and that he’s not endorsed by Ilse’, his friend of 40 years ?

    That’s pretty desperate.

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