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 — Connie Axen, Laguna Niguel 

It’s scary at best that all but one Democrat Senator didn’t see through the baseless lies and allegations coming from Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony against Judge Brett Kavanaugh. The Democrats’ public display to destroy a good man’s name, career and reputation is shameful. It appears that they based their no vote for Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation without any corroboration stemming from the allegations brought forth from Dr. Ford. The Senators must have forgotten the Constitution of the law, “a man is innocent until proven guilty.” It’s clear that the left-wing political party tried to use their failed tactics at the expense of an honorable man.


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  • The last couple of weeks have shown how some conservative men and women feel about women who have been raped. I watched and listened to Christine Blasey Ford’s wrenching appearance before the Senate Judiciary Committee, on Thursday of this past week. Her treatment was clearly less-than-human, in my opinion, and apparently others concur with my thinking. The battle-hardened Republicans – all white males, chose to ignore Ms. Ford’s testimony and voted to approve Brett Kavanugh’s nomination. The next day, the Senate voted along party lines to confirm Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court of the United States. The questions are why did the Senate Judiciary Committee chairmen deny access to Kavanaugh’s emails and documents and ignore Ms. Ford’s testimony, and why did President Trump limit the FBI investigation to the point that it was a sham perpetrated on voters? What were they covering up? More importantly, when Ms. Ford asked for an FBI investigation, why didn’t Judge Kavanaugh ask for an investigation, as well? Granted, it was the President’s call, but it would have added a degree of creditability to his defense. He could have requested a polygraph exam, as well, but he didn’t. Why not?

    Let’s talk a little about rape and sexual molestation. Here are a few facts about rape that people should be aware of. According to the Chicago Rape Crisis Hotline:

    • Sexual assault is about power and control and is not motivated by sexual gratification.
    • Only 2-8% of rapes are falsely reported, the same percentage as for other felonies.
    • There is an average of 293,066 victims ages 12 or older of rape and sexual assault each year in the U.S. This means 1 sexual assault occurs every 107 seconds.
    • Excessive drinking has the ability to lower inhibitions, impair a person’s judgement and increase the risk of aggressive behaviors. Because of this, alcohol-related violence and crime rates are on the rise throughout the country. A sexual assault is a forced sexual act and may involve touching, kissing and intercourse.
    • An estimated 37 percent of sexual assaults and rapes are committed by offenders who were under the influence of alcohol. For perpetrators, drinking may intensify their aggressive behavior. This can make them become more forceful when someone tries to resist them. Sexual assault can occur when there is a lack of consent, as well as when the victim is unable to give consent due to intoxication or mental state.
    • Everyone responds differently to trauma- some may laugh, some may cry, and others will not show any emotions.
    • Many survivors experience tonic immobility or a “freeze response” during an assault where they physically cannot move or speak.
    • Nearly 1 in 10 women have experienced rape by an intimate partner in their lifetime.
    • 55% of rape or sexual assault victimizations occur at or near the victim’s home, and 12% occur at or near the home of a friend, relative, or acquaintance.
    • 60% of child sexual abuse cases are perpetrated by someone the child knows outside the family, and 30% are assaulted by family members.
    • People with disabilities are victims of sexual assault twice as much as people without disabilities.

    History shows that when a rape occurs it will more-than-likely be assigned a low priority. The question is why? Is it a question of insufficient staff, or could it be related to the fact that investigators are generally male, perhaps conditioned to see women as nothing more than mere objects to be controlled. We were seen as the “second sex”, and deemed second in importance, biologically, well into the 1800s.

    In a recent nationwide inventory of untested rape kits, it was found that at least 70,000 kits, covering 1,000-plus police agencies – and counting, remain untested. This suggests that the number of untested rape kits may reach into the hundreds of thousands. Additionally, it has been shown that the U.S. Department of Justice is failing to comply with the 2013 Sexual Assault Forensic Evidence Reporting Act (SAFER), a law that was meant to get more rape kits tested and set national protocols for processing sexual assault evidence.

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