D.S. Fowler, San Juan Capistrano

After reading Virginia Vermeulen Germann’s letter regarding the history of her family in San Juan Capistrano (The Dispatch, July 24, 2015), it is very sad to think how poorly her family has been treated by the current City Council. To have completed all of the myriad of requirements to be able to build anything in this city is quite an accomplishment in itself, much less the enormous expenses involved, plus the extended time to process everything and then finally reaching an approval, only to have it overturned by a newly-elected City Council, most of whom are inexperienced with city government. This is inexcusable. Not to research the history of this family’s dealings with the city and arbitrarily “pulling the plug” on this project is unconscionable and, most likely, illegal.

I cannot blame this family for seeking legal recourse and I hope they are successful in their efforts. The unfortunate part is that we residents will pay for the inanity of this current City Council. I can only hope that someone will begin a recall effort in order to save us from further foolishness by our city’s leaders.

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  • What happened to the surrounding owners property rights ? People who purchased homes based upon the City’s General Plan and expected the City to follow the general plan.

    Congratulations to the 3,451 residents who signed the referendum to overturn the City Council decision in less than nineteen days without advertising or a website.

    It appears D.S. Fowler did not realize it was the residents who overturned the City Council decision, not the City Council.

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