Salena Theirrien, San Clemente

Growing up means becoming independent, which you can do by going to school, work or even to the store without relying on someone telling you when or how to get there. I’m sure some people can walk outside and get in a car to go to Walmart, Albertsons or Target, but for me and many others, doing that takes more time than needed. Not everyone has a car.

Bus routes like the 191 in San Clemente stopped by the store and in front of San Clemente High School. However, these routes have been taken out, leaving the bus stops with a sign saying take a Lyft or an Uber; however, I do not make enough money to take some taxi everywhere I need to go. The bus was affordable and convenient when I needed it, but now it is gone.

Personally, I would like to try to bring it back if others feel the same as I do. Thank you.

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