Kathy Hooper, 1/11 Marine Family Support Team member

On Sept. 13, 26 1st Battalion, 11th Marines were treated to an Angels vs. Houston Astros baseball game. The trip included a pizza meal and a limo-bus ride to the stadium from San Juan. The Marines had a great time, and now the Astros are in the playoffs.

On Sept. 29, Phil Schwalbe, president of the San Juan Hills High School Booster Club, hosted 25 of our Marines at a tailgate party at Bad to the Bone BBQ before attending our hometown high school football game. Phil had contacted one of our directors to get this done, and we did. You might have seen our Marines during half time, standing there in full uniform. It was heartwarming to hear and see our community show our Marines the love and support. What a great way for these young Marines to know our community better, and know they are a part of this community.

Our nonprofit group, the 1/11 Marine Family Support team, has been busy since 2008 doing these kinds of events. We have supported families and held fun events in times when they need help most. Our support is a quiet but constant for our Marines and their families. Our board is made up of retired Marines, service members and community members who understand the importance of what we do. Our board feels honored to help and serve those who serve us.

The 1/11 Marine Family Support Team will continue to be involved whenever and wherever we are needed. When you meet our Marines, thank you for showing them the respect, love and the support they so richly deserve.

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