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Barbara Szemenyei, San Juan Capistrano 

Voters will have a choice to elect a council that supports big development, or a council that demonstrates restraint.

Troy Bourne, District 2: When he presented his proposal for 500 units on the Vermuelen land, the Planning Commission rejected his plan as his Environmental Impact Report was flawed. Due to public interest, the council meeting was moved to the school district office. Bourne invited guests from his Carlsbad and Orange County senior developments a half-hour early with box lunches. Residents had to stand. Sam Allevato ran the meeting to 3 a.m. to accommodate Bourne’s project request with a flawed EIR. John Taylor was a yes vote for the project.

Bourne came back with a projection of “maybe” 180 units and more than 1900 car trips a day and a request for General Plan change. The Planning Commission and City Council passed it without a plan. Kerry Ferguson and Derek Reeve: Yes. Pam Patterson: No.

Kim McCarthy, District 2: Has been an activist attempting to protect SJC’s history and village character since 2005. In 2008-2009, she objected to the council’s purchase of Rancho Mission Viejo open space. She teamed with the editor of CCS paper to expose negative issues involved in running our city’s government.

Pam Patterson, District 3: Voted no on changing our General Plan, no on passing Bourne’s “suggested plan” on the Vermuelen land. She supported two successful referendums opposing big development in 2014, and spearheaded one against the “maybe” 180 units.

Kerry Ferguson, District 3: Voted YES to change the General Plan, voted YES for Bourne’s “maybe 180 units.” She supports the Los Rios mall and the multiplex entertainment center to replace the Playhouse.

Derek Reeve, District 3: Voted yes to change the General Plan, yes for Bourne’s “maybe 180 units.” He supports a multiplex entertainment center.

Jeff Vasquez, District 4:  When serving on council in 1990-94 he noticed money was being poorly handled and saved the city several millions of dollars.  He’s opposed to the Los Rios mall.

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