By Jonah Cervantes, San Juan Capistrano

Ever since I became aware of the water dispute in San Juan Capistrano, I was surprised to see the amount of controversy associated with it. In my view, the issue is very simple and involves the integrity of our elected officials. I have read written opinions of San Juan residents calling the recall effort “political posturing” and other acrimonious terms. Councilman Sam Allevato himself, who consciously backed an unjust billing system declared illegal according to California law, has called the watchdog group responsible for the recall effort “a small group of residents that have inflamed the truth.” He has called the recall effort a personal political attack and many supporters echo him. However, this issue is not about political intrigue or machinations, but the responsibility of American citizens to keep in check their elected officials. This principle is the bedrock of the greatness of this nation, on every level: from federal politics to those of small towns such as San Juan Capistrano. In summary, Councilman Allevato has failed to represent the citizens who elected him and action needs to be taken.

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  • Mary Ann Davidson

    I am always wary of people stating that their viewpoint is just “common sense” or claim that a complex issue is “really very simple”. My experience in life tells me that controversy surrounds issues that really are complex, have multiple points of view and no certainty of outcome. I think that includes the water recovery plant in San Juan and the tiered water rates. I think the benefit of the water recovery plant could take many years to be decided- more years of climate change, drought, “water wars” with our northern and central California neighbors , ongoing rate increases from the Metropolitan Water District or a natural disaster such as an earthquake affecting our water delivery. We need to encourage water conservation and ways to be more water independent. Could be that 5yrs from now this City council will be considered wise and courageous for supporting the plant and the tiered water rates. But I am not an armchair expert in water policy. That is why I support and vote for city council members that I believe to be honest and hard working. I depend on them to do the research, listen to the experts and make the tough choices and decisions. That is why I believe the recall against Sam Allevato is wrong. Just because you do not agree with a decision made by an elected council member is not a reason to remove them from office. What possible personal benefit could Mr Allevate derive from making these tough choices? The recall is a shameful way for the Common Sense folks to try and subvert the democratic process. Mr. Allevato ran for office the same way that your candidates ran for office- he won, you lost. Try again next time – don’t try and buy a council seat and make the taxpayers of San Juan pay for it.

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