Marcia Streech, San Juan Capistrano

What about us, the citizens who live in San Juan Capistrano? We are the people whose lives will be impacted daily by whatever development does eventually come to the Vermeulen property. We made our thoughts on the subject clear when we turned in and had verified by the county almost twice the number of signatures necessary to put the issue to a vote. We are concerned with traffic, which common sense tells you will increase dramatically with a project as dense as the Laguna Glen plan. Maybe seniors do not drive much, but the support staff of said seniors does, and many are needed on a daily basis. Plus the 100-bed hospital—who staffs that and how do they get to their jobs? How do we factor in traffic from citizen use of the aquatic area proposed by the Spieker group? Then consider increased water usage as well as impact on our sewage system.

We residents chose quality of life over providing greater tax revenue and job opportunities for San Juan Capistrano politicians to crow about because, believe it or not Mr. Lihme, there are some things which money cannot buy, some things which trump money in importance. And, living in Mission Viejo, just who are you to threaten us with a pig farm? Absurd and so far-fetched. Why resort to fear mongering?

The city councilmen who voted for the Laguna Glen project are gone except for Allevato, and so is their short-sighted decision on land use of this project.

I respectfully suggest that you turn your energies toward bettering your own community and leave San Juan to those who reside here.

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