By George Alarcon, San Clemente

I saw the 60th Annual Swallows Day Parade, and again, was happy I did. San Juan Capistrano really goes out of its way to make a stellar event and it never disappoints. Two things came to mind as I witnessed all of those people hiking down the street.

Do you ever see those ‘corner folk entrepreneurs?’ They are there twirling their signs or arrows trying to generate interest for their stores or businesses. It would be kind of neat to have all of the more talented ‘twirlers’ march in the parade showing off their stuff.

Last, I know my memory is failing, but I remember this little kid used to ride this giant Texas steer down the street every year. I hope the steer is enjoying a peaceful retirement and not as a double burger at Carl’s Jr.

Good luck for next year’s event, and if you see this letter again, well, I did say my memory is failing.

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