Sher Fuller, Capo Beach

Recently, someone got into my car and my neighbor’s car without setting off alarms or breaking any windows. It appears there may be a gadget out there that can be bought inexpensively (a Google search indicates as much), or a new thievery trick, that will open cars and garages.

My neighbor alerted me when he said that someone had gotten into his car and stolen spare change. Odd, I thought. Later when I went to my car to go to the store, I saw that my proof of insurance certificate was laying on the driver’s seat. I usually keep that in the center console, and thus got a sinking feeling in my stomach. I looked in the console, and a pair of binoculars were gone. The neighbor had an expensive set of golf clubs in his car but those weren’t taken; thieves must have wanted only lightweight stuff in order to make a quick getaway. I posted a sign at our apartment complex to alert our neighbors to take anything they didn’t want stolen out of their cars.

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