CHRISTIE MESERVE, San Juan Capistrano

I say “no” to bringing another fast food drive-thru into our town. The traffic is terrible, and with Chick-fil-A coming, our traffic will get more backed up. There are two In-N-Out Burgers just five minutes down the freeway at Avery, and another one up Ortega Highway, and I heard an In-N-Out might be going in at Pico/the 5 freeway (in San Clemente). We have enough In-N-Out Burgers all around us. Look at the car lines In-N-Out Burger and Chick-fil-A bring into a city! Do we really need “another” fast food drive-thru that causes our children to eat food that increases bad choices, that causes an increase of diseases of burgers and fries and Cokes brought into our city? We have enough In-N-Out Burgers five minutes away to go to and help illuminate the traffic jams in this city!

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  • I Agree,No No No..Not Only the Traffic,The Smell Of The greasy meat,just Reeks everytime I drive by One…On avery I know when I am coming home,the smell Reeks,and look at the smoke ,,the kitchen puts out..Or maybe when u visiting our beautiful Mission,all day the smell of the meat..??Will bother the guest ??

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