By Ron Herbert, San Clemente

The article in your issue last week in which San Juan Capistrano Mayor Brian Maryott accused Congressman Mike Levin of receiving “dark money” is very convoluted.

The article states that Mr. Levin and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi held an event in Oceanside, where they were discussing the For the People Act, which was recently passed by the House of Representatives.

Mr. Maryott stated that because of that discussion, it “was utterly apparent that Mike Levin is bought and paid for by D.C. political elites and out-of-state extremists.”

To accuse Congressman Levin of this simply because they discussed the legislation doesn’t make any sense. Quite the contrary.

As the article states, the For the People Act is aimed at enhancing the fairness of elections and curbing the political influence of big money. How Mr. Maryott comes to his conclusion is mind-boggling. Mr. Levin voted for the act with the express intent to eliminate “dark money” in politics.

Mr. Maryott’s accusation is ridiculous, and it is a lie. He should be ashamed of himself.

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