JEANNE SILVER, Rancho Mission Viejo

I was distressed and confounded to read the letter from R.A. Clark regarding gated communities, which Clark calls “divisive, undemocratic and, in many instances, racist.” This last word being the “word of our times,” unfortunately.

I have lived in one of these gated communities for the past five years and find it to be anything but the slurs attached to it by Clark! It is a warm, welcoming place where people of all backgrounds, color and ethnicity live harmoniously with their neighbors. Our emergency vehicles enter with no problem and, in fact, not so long ago, my husband was happy to receive one of these vehicles in extra fast time when he needed it! We happily welcome friends, visitors and trades people and in no way cut ourselves off from the outside world. We are in no way “elitist” and, in fact, many of us are involved in volunteering and helping those in need outside our community, and in helping each other when the need arises.

No, we don’t feel any safer, as you put it. Unfortunately, we are only too well aware that, in today’s uncertain environment, we are just as much a target of the “unwashed minions” as anyone else.

So, Clark, your assessment of a gated community is entirely wrong, and I hope you will revise your ideas to be able to give these communities, and their residents, the respect they deserve!

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