Sal Scarantino, San Juan Capistrano

In response to the criticism in the March 13-26 opinion section of The Capistrano Dispatch relating to Brian Maryott’s discussion of the Green New Deal, I am compelled to follow up with an opinion letter of my own.

The critic claims the Green New Deal does not mention cutting the military budget at all and Brian was not informed on the topic. The bill failed in the Senate.

While the casual observer may consider the Green New Deal simply a congressional bill, it is far more detailed than that. The stated goals of the Green New Deal may be found at on the Green Party website.

Paragraph 8, line 1: “We will cut military spending by at least half” is a critical goal of the authors of the Green New Deal. That goal, as stated, would make the congressional bill seem far more absurd than it already does, so it was left out of the document.

I am reminded of the many “teaching moments” I have had with my children relating to political issues and climate issues. They are always advised to check and cross-check a multitude of sources, both pro and con, on any topic that may interest them, and, before debating that topic with anyone, use the common sense their creator granted them to filter out the hyperbole. History being the best indicator of concept viability. Many of the most popular conclusions today turn out to be completely nonsensical when analyzed from that perspective.

We live in an era where many folks block information they don’t agree with for the sake of their deeply held ideals. When they are given opposing information, they claim it is “conspiracy theory” regardless of the veracity of its source. This tactic permeates all intelligence levels.

I thank Brian Maryott for holding the line against extremist positions.

Editor’s note: Language referenced in this letter refers to a version of the Green New Deal on the Green Party website. The language in the legislation introduced by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is different.

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