By Larry Kramer, San Juan Capistrano

This is a follow up to Tom Cavanaugh’s excellent letter to the editor in the Nov. 8-21 edition of The Capistrano Dispatch.

Tom Cavanaugh lays out many of the advantages of trees, including reducing air temperature, trapping dust, pollen and smoke, blocking noise, providing animal habitat, adding beauty to our city, storing carbon and providing oxygen.

I have been urging at the very least to plant boxes of coast live oaks.

I was very pleased that one organization in town, The Ecology Center, has been taking positive action. Please join them in their effort.

The city just approved plans for the Northwest Open Space. I hope the planting of native plants, including trees, will be included as the city goes forward with the plan.

I hope everyone in San Juan Capistrano will include the planting of native plants in their plans for the new year.

Editor’s note: The San Juan Capistrano City Council recently approved revised plans for the Putuidem Cultural Village at the Northwest Open Space, which includes planting native plants.

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