Leo Galcher, San Clemente

The President’s Book of Secrets by David Pries details the president’s daily briefing (PDB) prepared by the Central Intelligence Agency and delivered at 7 a.m. to every president since JFK.

All presidents have attested to its value. President George H.W. Bush praised it, and his son spent many mornings in extended discussions with the briefer. Our current president, when introduced to the PDB, said, “I am very smart” and that it would take too long to read.

President Trump gets his PDB from Fox News, disdains the news media and refers to news reporting as “fake news.” His tweets reveal little comprehension of world events, and his analysis of events show very little respect or comprehension of the impact of events on the U.S. His lack effort to search for truth does not bode well for our nation.

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  • Leo, what we are being forced to deal with is a very dangerous mentally unstable individual. Trump suffers from a combination of anti-social and narcissistic personality disorders. He is mentally unstable and has access to our nuclear launch codes.

  • “…a very dangerous mentally unstable individual.”

    What utter horse manure!

comments (2)

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