JOHN A. CALDWELL, San Juan Capistrano

We are celebrating Larry Kramer, who becomes an octogenarian this month.  Those of us who know and have worked with Larry recognize what a high-quality person he is. He truly deserves celebrating.

Besides being a good neighbor and family man, his life history reflects clear thinking, dedication to his personal beliefs, and good leadership. In the past, Larry served his country as a Naval Captain of nuclear-powered submarines, served as president of our San Juan Capistrano Rotary Club, served as a city Councilmember and as the mayor of our town. Today, he serves as an active advocate, addressing the reality of climate change. He reaches out to legislators from the city to the federal level. Once again, Larry has become a pillar of clear thinking and an effective motivator.

Many of us have taken on climate change as an important cause through Larry and the Orange County South Chapter of the Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL). Once one reads, sees, or lives around the damage of climate change, it’s hard not to ask, “What can I do to help?”

Eileen and I are wishing Larry Kramer a happy 80th birthday by making our next car electric, changing light bulbs to LEDs, using less hot water, checking tires for proper inflation, learning to live with the AC unit set two degrees higher in the summer and the heat set two degrees lower in the winter, going to town for more than one stop and, lastly, spreading the word about climate change.

Thank you, Larry. Happy birthday.

For more information about Citizens’ Climate Lobby see

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