I was born and raised in San Juan Capistrano and have only lived in the desert for the past 12 years, but I still have family and friends in town, and it will always be my home.

I subscribe to The Capistrano Dispatch to stay aware of the goings-on in town, and I visit the area often, and I am so happy that former councilmember Mark Nielsen is speaking out to keep SJC’s Northwest Open Space, voted on in 1990, as it was intended, open space.

I don’t know why the current council feels a need to fill in every space in town. That goes for the giant new hotel on the previous site of my family’s Walnut Grove Restaurant and the Riverwalk proposal in the Historic Los Rios area and the old nursery.

San Juan is a very unique and wonderful town but has become so congested and crowded when there are so many businesses and homes allowed in such tight spaces. Please consider very carefully the decisions on changing and allowing huge businesses in our small town.

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