CAROLYN NASH, San Juan Capistrano

As a resident of San Juan Capistrano, do you want a shopping center, River Street, built in the historic Los Rios area? Do you think that five buildings with 64,900 square feet of commercial markets, restaurants, shops, breweries, offices, wineries and a fitness center are compatible with the historic homes in Los Rios?

Los Rios Street is on the National Registry of Historic Places and recognized as the oldest residential street in California, with 31 historic buildings.

Since 1972, previous city councils have protected the area from over-development by limiting commercial buildings to 10,000 square feet of low-intensity development. This project eliminates those protections.

Traffic impact on Del Obispo is significant. Del Obispo will be reduced to “F,” the worst functioning road rating. The project creates 2,711 car trips per day and increases trips per day on Adelanto, the only access road for the project, to 5,400.

To give you an idea of the size of the parking lot needed for the required parking of 300 spaces, Mission Village Center (Rite Aid, Ross, Trader Joe’s) only has 268 parking spaces in the front parking area of that center.

Five commercial buildings will be built immediately behind and adjacent to residential properties on Los Rios. These residents, as well as the entire Los Rios area, will be severely, negatively impacted by the building locations and by the noise, lights, and traffic from the restaurants, breweries, etc.

The historic value of Los Rios is ignored by River Street. This property should not be developed as a ubiquitous shopping center. The property is part of the city’s priceless history and deserves a project that is more in line with the city’s current allowable 10,000 square feet for development, one more compatible with the entire Los Rios area.

If you think this project should not be approved, please contact your city councilmembers.

Ask them to vote “No” on River Street. At this time, it appears the council is going to approve this project despite many citizens’ objections.

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