Mayor Brian Maryott announced Tuesday, March 5, that he will again run for California’s 49th Congressional seat in 2020.

Maryott, a Republican, is looking to flip the district back to the GOP by unseating Rep. Mike Levin, the Democratic freshman who was elected in 2018.

Maryott said that during Levin’s short time in Washington, D.C., the Congressman “has put forward extreme initiatives” such as supporting the Green New Deal resolution and the “full nationalization of our healthcare system.”

“Congressman Levin hasn’t necessarily surprised me because I felt that during the campaign and debates and forums that he was very dogmatic with his approach to issues. And now I see it unfolding in his votes in D.C.,” Maryott said.

Dismayed by the gridlock on Capitol Hill, Maryott said he believes his years of experience as a businessman and elected official will be useful in Washington, D.C.

“Our politics have really gotten to a point where it’s more political theater and people striving for political celebrity,” he said. “And I have a great deal of experience in the business world as a certified financial planner working with families, working with businesses, managing large businesses and six and half years of government experience.”

Maryott acknowledged that his campaign for Congressional office last year was more of a sprint, having entered the race late. With the 2020 election 20 months away, he said, he’ll be able to “build on the seeds” his team planted last year.

“We have a very strong team that we put together to build on the seeds that we planted last year,” he said. “And we will have much greater success getting our message out individually to voters throughout the district, because we’ll have the time to do so.”

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