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Patricia C. Bates, Republican

Patricia Bates
Patricia Bates


Top Priorities:

  • Fighting to repeal gas taxes added to gasoline costs. Bates believes voters should have a say in any future attempts to increase gas taxes
  • Believes securing the border of California should be one of the Legislature’s highest priorities even if it calls for deploying the National Guard
  • Defunding Gov. Jerry Brown’s “High Speed Rail” project
  • Bates believes that at least 80 percent of education spending should be required to be spent in the classroom instead of on administrator salaries

 Marggie Castellano, Democrat

Marggie Castellano
Marggie Castellano

 Top Priorities:

  • Pushing for “common sense” gun legislation
  • “Common sense” state regulations for residential treatment facilities to protect both the person in recovery and the neighborhood residence around such a facility
  • Enhancing protection of the environment from offshore oil drilling and climate change
  • Immediately remove all nuclear waste from San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station

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