By Zara Flores

JSerra Catholic High School and MemorialCare Saddleback Medical Center have entered into a partnership to allow students into its Medical Magnet program.

Students will be paired up and work with medical professionals and rotate through a variety of departments in the medical facility, including Emergency, ICU, Operating Room and others.

With just 9 miles separating the school and the medical center, students in the Medical Magnet Program are at an advantage with regard to time, given the ease of access to the center. The students will meet and be paired with professionals at least 15 times during the school year, for four hours each time.

The Magnet Program is designed to begin with students in their freshman year, but sophomores may be accepted if the requirements can be met. The program has an average of 15 students per class and is very demanding and rigorous, but it also can provide opportunities to the students and provide the steppingstones to a promising future.

According to a report by, it’s important and critical for students to experience the working field before finishing school. The Magnet Program offers just that, with an emphasis on the medical field for students who are pursuing careers in that field.

It increases engagement and participation, which can aid in the understanding of material. Partnerships, such as this one, deliver a range of experiences that can only benefit the students.

For more information about the Medical Magnet Program, visit

The Medical Magnet Program will begin in the coming school year.

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