Docent Brewing

33049 Calle Aviador, Suite C, San Juan Capistrano

Docent Brewing, with its numerous comfy chairs and tables, is not just a great location to sit back and have a glass of craft beer, but also to fill an empty stomach.

The brewery offers a wide assortment of sandwiches, rolls, quesadillas and made-in-house pickled vegetables.

One of the dishes sure to tantalize the taste buds is the Korean Reuben, which substitutes kimchi for the sauerkraut that accompanies the traditional sandwich.

The cold, crisp and slightly spicy kimchi perfectly accentuates the other ingredients on the sandwich: pastrami, swiss cheese and a chile aioli.

The bread on the sandwich is grilled to the perfect darkness and the ingredients inside are nicely melded. Piled high on the side of the sandwich are potato chips.

The Korean Reuben is one of many creative sandwich offerings. Others options are the Cubano, Caprese and Spicy Chile Verde sandwiches.

Because Docent is, after all, a brewery, you may want to consider washing that sandwich down with one of the many beers they have available on tap.

Docent Brewing is open from 12-9 p.m. Monday through Thursday; 12-10 p.m. Friday and Saturday; and 12-7 p.m. on Sunday.

— Alex Groves

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