RUTH CLARK, San Juan Capistrano

I do not normally agree with Derek Reeve on anything, but his idea of selling the land on which the current, outdated and inadequate City Hall sits and replacing it with affordable housing and homeless shelters has my 100% support. The prefab, temporary units that currently serve as the city’s capital buildings are an embarrassment for us all.

We are so choosy about things relating to tourism, like the new hotels’ look and location, the character of the Los Rios Street Historic District and the overall charm of the city. Quite naturally, this meant that ZOOMARS’ dinosaur had to be removed, but we have completely ignored the 49-year-old relic (and its accompanying buildings) in which our city’s business is done.

We have allowed our civic pride to wane with regard to the building at the center of its civic life. I think it is definitely time for an updated, historically relevant City Hall building that is in keeping with the rest of our beautiful City of San Juan Capistrano. I just hope we can agree it should remain centrally located and that we do not have a fight on our hands about its new site.

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